Convert social media followers into Customers

Targeted internet marketing can take your business to a new level. It’s so important to get it right. We like to do internet marketing the right way.

Once we’re work with you, you will

  • get TARGETED social media followers
  • convert followers into REAL customers
  • get great brand AWARENESS

Have you ever run into this problem?

  • Your Facebook page has lots of Likes, but doesn’t bring in sales
  • You don`t have time to update your social media
  • You are not an expert in digital designing
  • You don`t know where to start in Internet marketing
  • You paid someone to do social media, but they just copied and pasted

If you can relate to any of these statements, we can help YOU.

Top 3 common problems with internet marketing

  1. BRAND is not presented the RIGHT WAY
  2. OFFERS are not targeted for specific CONSUMERS
  3. COMMUNICATION through social networking is gone about the WRONG WAY


adults visit Facebook at least once a month

Facebook daily active users

active US & Canada users

What we do?

Your internet marketing always has a specific purpose. You either want leads or customers. Our experts become an extension of your team. We take into account your social networks, analyze performance, look for ways to improve marketing effectiveness, create relevant content and set up targeted campaigns with great designs to convert prospects into customers.

Targeted campaigns

With our advanced filtering tool, we filter out your customers from thousands of Facebook and Instagram users. Simple, we will get that girl going to gym across the street to find out about your products.


Professional content creation

We hire only the best writers. We believe the key for converting prospects to customers is social media content. Our content writers will analyze your products and present them the right way.

Attractive design

Pictures speak more than words. We create unique and consistent designs for your brand to stand out in social networking. We work with top graphic designers from all around the world.

Our most popular customers

Honda_Motorcycle “Thanks to Web Media Kings, our European Honda Moto social networks became motorcycle fans group. Even in winter season, content was relevant and buy rate from internet increased. Thanks!” Ian Armstron

Head of Marketing, Honda

Hennessy “Web Media Kings developed social media campaign and application, which gave us boost for Hennessy events. With simple quiz application, we got great response rate (45%) and great marketing research. Beautiful design helped to increase our brand awareness and tell Hennessy story. ” Luke Chapman

Marketing, Hennessy

daype-logo “ is one of biggest advertisement portals in US, especially popular on west side of US. Web Media Kings developed our Facebook profiles and in few months we gathered 5000 Likes, which is a lot for classified ad portal.” Andris Stinka

CEO, Daype Inc.

Social media management for Small business?

Yes, we do it too, about 60% of our clients are small businesses around the world. We have proven methods and guidelines for pizza shops, handyman, sellers, coffee shops, hair dressers and so on. Our 2383 proven campaign templates help small businesses to grow big in the internet environment.

Why you hire us?

I can do lot of things myself

Of course you can.

If you’re mainly focused on seeing results, here’s what you should know: Social media management without a strategic game plan will not convert prospects into real business. Gathering information for social networks takes time away from your business. A social media agency will replace three employees on salary: content creator, designer and programmer.

Consider this:

  • What we do saves you the hassle. We generate relevant content for your social networks with littler or no effort on your part.
  • Time is money– We save you money. Analyzing data, creating content, designing attractive images, daily monitoring will be taken care of by us.
  • No guesswork – we never shoot from the hip. Every social network we build is the result of careful planning and research. We have seven years’ experience of proven campaign work.
  • We save you even more money-imagine if you needed to hire a social media manager, designer, programmer and still spend money on Facebook/Instagram ads. It adds up to over $10,000 each month.

How much it cost?

We value your money and time by replacing three paid salary jobs– social media manager, designer and programmer. So ask yourself, how much do you spend now? Compare your spending to our pricing.

We take our job seriously, and personalize the experience for each client. We promise to deliver great results no matter of company size. Start plan is limited to 5 new spots per month, but we promise to deliver great results no matter of company size.

Our service is not for everyone. It’s best suited for businesses that want to to be relevant in internet environment. We don’t want you to waste your time and ours if we’re not the best match.

Win-win. We truly believe that customers always needs to feel great working with us.

If you’re ready to take the next step and get the results you want, check out our prices below and let`s get started!

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